Sasuhina part 2 of this picture here :)): 

So I ended up sketching but didn’t think I woulda liked the outcome.. sorry it’s on this type of paper D’x Also Hinata accidentally pushed back since she was trying to see who had kept her from falling

Sesshomaru and Rin’s baby being silly~ lol Sesshomaru doesn’t know how to deal xD He needs to get used to fatherhood!

From a Kdrama I watched a few years ago and is still one of my favorites~ “you are beautiful”

Another sketch I found! Rukia and Mamoru! ♡


An Ichiruki sketch I found! It’s so old guys omg xD I’ll be posting some more sketches I found. Sadly I don’t remember the story behind this… but I think Ichigo had caught Rukia showing but it kinda looks like it’s the other way around lol but imagine what ya’ll want~

i'm going on my favorite blogs ad telling the person behind the screen they are beautiful because everyone needs a compliment in their lives :)

ohoho~ Thanks so much~ You are just as beautiful, love!! <3 <3 <3 That made my day ^o^ what a difference it can make indeed lol I was stressed a little bit and that lightened me up, thanks again ^o^!


So guys…I unexpectedly had extra time today! WOO :D

So Hiroki begged his daddy to give him a little brother or sister already…and Sasuke didn’t waste any time lololol (bet you he’s been finding a legit excuse to pop out more asap haha Well more like 3=4 years since Hiroki is 3 when I drew him here)

Also Hinata was going to head for the shower and Sasuke stopped her lol that’s why he had his towel~ He thinks he gonna get some action~ hehe

Also I drew Sasuke’s hair a biiit shorter..but I know it’s not obvious..FAIL…U.U I usually draw his hair a lot longer but whatevs, didn’t work out U.U I’ll try harder next time >.>


So I’m just going to show you guys another Sasuhina I’m working on, I’ll also see when I’ll finish since I have lots of other stuff to draw like requests I owe…hopefully real soon DX! 

Doujinshi status

Forbidden Attraction: Just have to tone and have to finish drawing one panel ‘_’

This Dangerous Love:  Just have to tone it also~ but I finished drawing everything.

I should be able to post these up soon :)! I’ve waited long enough for the next pages!