Hinata. ..

So these are sketches from my Sasuhina dream here, http://pamiart.tumblr.com/post/90080623200/so-butthurt that I told you guys about. These are rough sketches, I’ll color them when I have time. I changed their hairstyles in the 2nd picture to make them appear older.

I made Sasuke’s hair a bit shorter but I don’t think you guys can tell xD

So this stuff isn’t official, just wanted to share what I have so far. ..

BTW that hinata with a tshirt in the 1st picture wasn’t connected to the sketches xD well she wasn’t suppose to wear that since they’re outside… but I’ll just change the outfit.

Another request done, I had this one done for a while but just posted, sorry!

Protective Sasuke is cute. ..!

Sorry guys I had uploaded this on my phone without the app so it didn’t post how I wanted, I’ll do it when my Internet is back

Day 7- Sleep

And that’s it for IchiRuki week! Had a lot of fun participating! Hopefully I get to do something like this again :)!!

 Day 6-Disney

Day 5- Protect

Day 4- Alternative Universe

Ichigo was in a terrible accident that caused him to lose his mother as well as his eyesight. He ran from the hospital hoping to rid of his misery and encountered a stranger named Rukia. She gave him words of encouragement and managed to give Ichigo a ray of hope. She truly was his guardian angel.

Day 3- Gender bender

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Day 2- Costume Party

Ichigo was expecting Rukia to wear a hot bunny suit but that didn’t work out well lol

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IchiRuki Week Day 1- Animals

IchiRuki hamsters!

(I have a cute little hamster and she inspired me to draw this! XD)

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