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your IchiHime art is so beautiful


Thank youuuuuu~ ^0^!!!

Still needa finish art in my Ichihime blog too D”x 

Heey, the another tumblr, " Ask Sasuhina" still open? I want to do my questions >o<

You know I haven’t forgotten about the blog DX I just don’t know when I should open it up again D”X I’ve been trying to see when but for right now no since I owe other drawings and I don’t want to open it when I know I won’t be as active D: but you can leave some questions there if you want. I’ll read them when I open them up again and will surely answer them :) I just don’t know when I’ll draw them out though. But for sure I will open it up once more! That’s why I haven’t closed them xD 

I also have been thinking of asking someone who would be willing to draw with me in the Ask Sasuhina and Ask SessRin blogs with me so I’ll see :)! I wonder if anyone would be interested…because I really do want to still do them. Like have turns answering and stuff.

But to answer your question you can ask xD just I don’t know when I’ll work on them D”X

Some MomoGou :D! 

OH guys!

Gimme some cosplay ideas for Sasuke and Hinata 8D! I have something in mind for them, just gimme whatever you got, I’ll see which ones I’ll use 8D My minds not as creative at the moment. I will need multiple!

Doctor x Nurse

Teacher x School uniform


what else you guys got 8D??

A little sneak peek at the cop smut i was working on a while back >3> Hopefully it won’t take so long to post…! (I actually had more drawn but you guys can’t see that yet lol)

I wonder what I’ll do with Sasuke though…

Have him join in?? lol that’d be weird, i dunno if i’d be able to do that xD I’ll see what I’ll do. Can’t really draw my smut like I used to. Of course it won’t be as explicit. And I’ll have it under a cut for underage viewers D8

OMG Sasuke as a Firefighter D8 guys omg that’s a good idea…yea I think I may do that xD

#fan questions
you will do more requests , maybe? *-*. maybe will be fun a session of .. ' strange couples ' , from differents animes ou something like that xD you will be very good to draw something like that!

I’ll do more requests later when I’m done with the ones I still owe! I’ll see when I have more time to ask for more, so keep an eye out ;)!

#fan questions
Your ichiruki art gives me life :3 I love it! You are very talented!!! :D


Thanks so much! I will keep drawing my OTP forever!!

My contribution for SasuHina month :))!

Deviantart post: Here

Guardian Angel

Check out this Fanfiction written for my Ichiruki drawing “Guardian Angel”!

"Guardian Angel" Fanfiction here

Thanks to Manta-Rae for writing this! ! :))